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Goddamn, looking at recent videos such as this one and Glenn chérie looks years younger than she did on the last season of Damages and that was years ago!! If that makes sense! She just looks phenomenal, does she have the same doctors as Sharon ? And god bless the short hair again I was just about to give up. I’m kinda wondering if she kicked the hubby out, though. Change of looks, new cycle, you know. Just a hunch. Go get them G!!

"The contrast between the two queens is made evident, as Mary undresses for her bath while Catherine dresses for her suicide. Both processes are meticulous, and regal, in their own ways. But more than that, it illustrates that while Catherine is the clothed one in the shot, she’s never been more naked and vulnerable than she is in this moment, weighted with the desperation of a woman facing her end."

(Источник: maryqueenof-scots)


Helen McCrory’s Insider Beauty Tips.

I also remember when I used to come back from Africa there was only one programme I used to watch which was Worzel Gummidge, so Una Stubbs, ‘Aunt Sally’ is actually, disturbingly my greatest fashion icon. I still do the big red cheeks, and lots of black, and a hat and a wig. So as you can imagine I understand exactly why you’re listening to my tips.

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